B_Logs about Blogs.

B_Logs about Blogs.

This weeks fallen well and truly into the realms of Groundhog day and have spent many hours daydreaming about skating whilst working and unable to strap on the boots to roll. 

During these many, many, many same same hours, it's been a great chance to catch up on some podcasts, blogs and find out whats happening in rolling. 

I definitely don't want to tell you what's up in each of them, but here's some that I've enjoyed, go watch them and give them a like/ subscribe to support the supporters! 

Lewis Yoxalls 6th VLOG. 

Lewis is a friend of PostScript and does everything for Rollerblading. He's one of the founding crew behind UKBC (UK Bladers Community) and he's the young gun in charge of organising the compeitions and gatherings that take place in the UK recently. Go give him a subscribe, he deserves it. 

TWIB - This week in blading - week 57

Another weekly run down of 'this week in blading'. A wicked vlog about the weekly ons and offs in freestyle inlining, or whatever you want to call it, we don't care. 57 weeks worth of updates now, that's commendable. 

Jump Street Podcast - John Bolinos comeback to blading

Got me right in the feels. I was distraught about Jon Jon hanging up the boots. One of the most naturally talented rollers around and one of my absolute all time favourites to watch, I couldn't be happier to see him rolling again. @VibraluxDenim, get to making the comeback VOD, TAKE ALL MY MONEY, right now! 

 Matty Vella also appeased my needs with his quality insta bits

Hope this helps to break the monotony for you too, enjoy!