He's only gone and done it!

In all the time and testing we went through to get complete these, I'm not sure we really expected the new products to come out half as well as they have, in fact, i'm not sure we had any real expectations at all....  
BUT.... The new 'Spot Check' collection of Tees and Sweaters includes the images used on the Spot Check posters, which were received amazingly well following launch. 
On top of that, the Spot Check Tees and Sweaters add their own level of Stereoscopic depth that we just didn't account for.
By utilising a stereoscopic 3D image on the posters, you get a really cool looking crisp image, which is a thing of beauty in itself and the quality of the posters is stunning.
But print that directly onto a tee or a sweater and you get an added layer of depth by factoring in the movement of the garment, ie. folds and creases. 
So when you look at one of the 'Spot Check' clothing using the PostScript.af 3D glasses (provided with every purchase), you'll see a crisp, clear print with a rustic 'digital sepia' appearance that really gives an added pop
Roy Lichtenstein Art - YouTube
Not entirely satisfied with the amazingly detailed images in the Spot Check collection, we also added back print and refined our own logo to give another layer of depth to the PostScript brand.... Layered.af
Anyway, thanks for reading, we hope you like, if not, let us know. We're keen for feedback and generally desperate for conversation, so indulge us, then yourself.... Check below to see the updated Spot Check collection!