Launch day is here!!!

We couldn't be more excited to get our products out in the real world. 


We've been working pretty tirelessly (by our standards) to create the launch lines, but then Covid 19 dropped and put an end to all our hopes, dreams and aspirations (slight exaggeration). All the clothing that we had intended to drop has had to be put on the backburner for a short while whilst our suppliers are frozen out because of the global catastrophe that is the Kung Flu. 

This didn't stop us though, oh no! This inspired us, we witnessed all that was happening in the Blading world and lol'd heartily at the situation. People were in uproar! Be it because someone had strayed within the 2m safe haven of another, they had gone 8 minutes over the 60 min daily exercising allocation, or Jake Ricketts had left his grind box out in the street and lost his shit over people hating on his FB post.... 

Meanwhile, Arlo has locked himself in his own basement (he wasn't self isolating, he's a free spirit), gone back to the drawing board and written rational theories on the origin of Covid and the reasons why it got Blading kicked out of the X- Games. 

This is what inspired 'Bog Rolls' and we hope this inspires you too. Think of it as a passive reminder for years to come when we can eventually look back and laugh. 

Remember, stay safe, stay distant, stay home (and home is where the skates is).