Noo Noos.

Noo Noos.

We've just added some more fresh produce to the store, the second line of NerdLife's collection. 

The Zilla piece is a particular favourite for me, it's the design that we started out with and a fundamental part of the origin story , which although is flying along, has been in the making conceptually for quite some time now. 

Along with that, we've touched upon some of Skating's greatest beef and added the P00P tee. This one is a nod of the cap to that article written in Big Brother Mag, featuring Blade God, Arlo Eisenberg (no relation to Jessie Eisenberg, the guy that made facebook). Remember the gold lycra, the uproar, the ongoing battles for dominance in skateparks? Nah? me either.... 

On top of that, there's several products in the METAL GEAR range, combining one of bladings favourite products that time forgot (or didn't depending on whether you consider metal frames a direct ancestor of alloy grind plates?!) and one of gamings favourite.... games.

We're excited about what we've done, where we are at and what we have in the making. It's all coming together and we're thankful to have you here with us throughout the story.

Page turn.