Haffey Stereoscopic 3D Poster

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A3 sized print of this beaut of a sequence yoinked from Vibralux Media's Chris Haffey VOD. One of my all time favourite VODs. If you haven't seen it, do you even VOD? 

This shot had depth, loads, already. It's an awesome clip and the outtakes showing how many attempts it takes someone as stupidly amazing as The Haffey shows how much of a ball buster it was. 

But despite it's initial depth, Stu said "Nay! needs more depth!!!!"

So he added it. And hidden in the files properties now, it shows as Depth², or maybe (Depthx2)²... I don't know where this is going, get out before you get infected, this level of stupidity is contageous!!

Printed onto Fuji Crystal archive paper with a semi-matt finish, with only a 'slight sheen' to really show off the pop. We package in a pair limited edition PostScript.af 3D glasses to justify your investment. 

FYI - Stereoscopic means 3D in 2D.... I didn't know, so I assume you (the reader) may not know. But now you know. 

You could have googled it though, lazy ass.